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Expert, Full Service Law Firms in Your State, Ready To Assist (Not Bill)

Are you prepared for a legal or identity theft issue? Do you need counsel on an existing legal matter?

Eden Associates provides family and business legal service plans through our partner LegalShield.

We Have The Perfect Attorney For You

Got a difficult case? Bring it on. We have attorneys that, on average, have over 22 years experience. With over 6000 attorneys in our network, our attorneys can handle anything.

Is Your Family Protected?

A recent study confirmed that, at any given time, 57 million Americans are dealing with a legal issue. That’s a lot of people, and maybe you’re one of them. At the same time, most people believe attorneys charge too much. With the average hourly rate of nearly $300, it’s no wonder that people are hesitant to call.

Is Your Business Spending Too Much?

According to a recent study, small businesses reported spending between $7,500 and $10,000 per year on legal issues. In fact, the cost of legal counsel was the number one contributor to a negative experience in working with an attorney.

From the sample of 13 million businesses, 54% did not seek the assistance of an attorney and 40% cited high cost as the reason.

Need Help Today?

Enrolling is easy and, after enrolled, you can receive help from a qualified attorney within 8 business hours. There are no long-term commitments or contracts. So relax!

Click the link below to get started. It will take you to our LegalShield affiliate website where you can learn more and enroll.

Family Legal Plans

Be prepared for any legal issue and relax knowing you’re not locked in to any long-term contract. Our plans start at just $24.95/month and cover most family legal issues. Click here to learn more about our family legal plans.

Business Legal Plans

Get a full-service law firm in every U.S. state and four provinces of Canada with business plans starting at $39/month. Learn more about our business legal plans for companies with 1-99 employees.

Identity Theft Plans

Identity theft affects over 10 million Americans each year and is the #1 consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. We can help with plans starting at $9.95/month. Learn about our IDShield Plans with full restoration services offered by Kroll Advisory Solutions.

Business Consulting & Coaching

Get professional business consulting and coaching from the experts at GoSmallBiz as a supplement to your business legal plan. Plans start at $14.95/month and include unlimited consulting.

Employee Benefit Plans

Reduce absenteeism and stress by offering LegalShield’s legal and ID theft plans as a voluntary benefit to your employees at a reduced cost.

Specialty Plans

Contact us for information on specialty plans including plans for Real Estate Agents, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers and Foster Parents.

LegalShield Is Trusted By Millions

With over 45 years in business and thousands of attorneys in their network, LegalShield is trusted by over 1.6 million families and 47,000 small businesses. LegalShield is BBB rated and retains a high satisfaction rate by consumers. LegalShield is the most cost-effective way to protect your family, business and your resources from the high cost of legal bills.


“The LegalShield program has been helpful to us on several occasions. We have used it for our estate planning and other legal questions that have come up. We appreciate the professional service to aid us in this important element of life.”
Kevin and Brenda, Elizabeth, CO


“There have been three times in which I used LegalShield and each time our law firm was extremely helpful and timely in their responses and providing letters requiring remuneration. I had customer service issues with three other companies where they withheld money from me or did not provide services I paid for and two of those companies refunded money. LegalShield is worth every dime! It is like an insurance coverage for legal services.”
Josh & Katherine, Elizabeth, CO

“Eden Associates introduced me to LegalShield a couple of years ago and it’s been very beneficial. I have two teenage boys who have had car wrecks involving other vehicles and property. LegalShield helped work through the legal process to minimize the fines and get these off of their driving record. I couldn’t have done this on my own. Thanks LegalShield!”
Bill & Lisa, Colorado Springs, CO

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Legal plans in United States and Canada ~ personal, family and business legal plans. Identity theft protection. Legal plans starting under $25 per month.

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