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About Eden Associates

We Were A Customer First

I’m an entrepreneur and have run businesses for over 27 years.

In 2011, I needed the expertise of a quality attorney to assist me with a business contract. Like many people, I struggled to find someone who was qualified and affordable for ongoing needs.

That’s when a friend and business associate recommended LegalShield. Being somewhat skeptical because it was so affordable, I cautiously enrolled and began using the service. Was I surprised! Not only did I use the service for my business, I also used it for the needs of my family. It was so great not receiving a bill in the mail for the time I spent with them. And I could call as often as I needed!

I was so impressed, I decided I wanted to share this great service with other families and businesses. I became an associate in 2011 and by November of that year I was certified to enroll families and businesses. Later, I became certified to offer the service to employees as an employee benefit.

One of the greatest benefits of the service is the peace of mind knowing that I have an law firm in 50 states and 4 provinces of Canada. So, no matter where I live, work or travel, I have a local firm ready to assist me in any legal situation. Plus, it’s so affordable, everyone can access it.

Whether you are looking for an attorney for your family, your business or your employees as a benefit, I would be very proud to offer you this great service.

B. Joel Eden