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Prepare Your Business and Yourself For Any Legal Issue…Anytime

The Legal System Has Problems

Your legal issues are unique to you and often come without warning. So finding an attorney to help with your specific needs can be a challenge. The process is time consuming, especially if you have multiple issues, and you don’t always know if you are getting the best attorney for the job.

In addition, attorneys are expensive, averaging $284 per hour with little recourse if you aren’t satisfied with their service. Often times people avoid attorneys because of the cost and they feel intimidated by the process. This results in frustration, loss of resources and an overall disdain of the legal system. But there is a better way…

We Have The Solution

Eden Associates in Colorado has chosen LegalShield because they are the only U.S. company of their kind providing comprehensive legal service plans for businesses, families and individuals. They have already done all the legwork for you by pre-selecting the best law firms in your state. They have a network of over 6000 attorneys so no matter where you live in 50 states and 4 provinces of Canada, you can get the help you need for your situation today.

Plus, their plans cost substantially less than what you would pay an attorney on your own. Therefore, since you can’t choose your legal problems or when they will happen, isn’t it better to be prepared for anything – anytime?

Get critical business legal advice and assistance, without breaking the bank with business plans starting at just $39/month.

Legal Consultation

Consult on any routine business law matter related to your business with up to one hour of legal research per matter. Some restrictions apply. See plans for details.

Contract and Document Review

Don’t sign it until it’s reviewed by a professional. After all, the other party did. Get your contracts and other important documents reviewed by your attorney.

Legal Correspondence

Your attorney will write letters and make phone calls on your behalf. Now you can set that aside and get back to running your business.

Designated Consultations

Three telephone consultations per year arranged by your law firm with each consisting of up to one-half hour. See plans for details.

Debt Collection Assistance

Tired of trying to collect debts on your own? You don’t have to. You’ll be amazed with how a letter from an attorney can make money appear.

Trial Defense

Get help in the courtroom with up to 75 hours of assistance. See specific plans for details.

Get a Personal Legal Protection Plan Starting as Low as $24.95 Per Month!


Coverage For You...And Your Dependants

Our plans include coverage for yourself, your spouse and your dependent children. Have teenage drivers? They’re covered!

Over 6000 Attorneys Nation Wide

With over 6000 attorneys in 50 states and 4 Canadian Provinces, you can rest knowing that we have you covered no matter where you live, work or travel.


24/7 Emergency Access

Get help for covered emergencies from an experienced attorney, after business hours and weekends, for no additional cost.

Get A Discount - Even For Preexisting Issues

Receive a 25% discount just for being a member! We can help you with issues preexisting your membership, and for issues outside the plan coverage such as bankruptcy, divorce and DUI’s. See plans for details.

Get Help With Your Will

Your membership comes with a free, professionally prepared will with yearly updates for both you and your spouse. Your life can change quickly. Learn how important a will is and what happens if you don’t have one here.

Includes Trial Defense Time

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family plan includes a minimum of 60 hours of trial/pretrial time with an attorney. Be prepared for anything and protect your assets from an expensive lawsuit.

Get Discounts And Save Money With MEMBERPerks

As a member, you can enroll in MEMBERPerks and save hundreds of dollars per year on things you already buy. You can easily save the cost of your membership every month and protect your family, business and your identity at the same time. Contact us for details today!

Day Per Year You're Covered

Emergency Access Hours-Per-Day

1st Year Trial Defense Hours

5th Year Trial Defense Hours

The advantages of legal plans is that you can be prepared for any legal Issue at anytime.

Have the right attorney for your situation.

  • Percent of Americans Who Believe Attorneys Charge Too Much 93% 93%
  • Percent Of Americans Who Believe Attorneys Will Take Advantage Of You 72% 72%
  • Percent Of Americans Who Are Hesitant To Call An Attorney 76% 76%
  • Percent Of Americans Who Have No Legal Protection Plan 90% 90%

The Results Were Amazing

In a recent study commissioned by LegalShield and conducted by Decision Analyst,  over 1000 Americans were interviewed regarding their experience with attorneys and the legal system. The study showed that over 57 million Americans have significant legal issues right now or in the past year. The study also shows that legal problems know no economic boundaries. All income levels experience legal issues or events at about the same rate – 66%.